Next-Generation Refinishing

Mulberry Painting brings to Richmond-area homes an increasingly popular choice for transforming your cabinets. Take advantage of innovations in the surface-coating industry, and opt for refinishing - not painting or replacing. You get a highly professional, durable, consistent brush-stroke-free finish in your choice color while extending your investment in your home and avoiding the price, disruption, and uncertainty of new construction. Our process is even safer for your kitchen -and the environment- than traditional refinishing.


extend your investment

Advancements in the surface-coating industry have dramatically improved performance, and refinishing extends your investment and increases the value of your home. Avoid the regret of swapping out well-crafted cabinetry with lower quality replacements to simply match a new design or remodel.  Get an estimate for refinishing instead.  

Flawless Durability

Other service providers often neglect to properly prep and prime every surface, causing imperfections later, especially on greasy surfaces like kitchen cabinets. We thoroughly clean, sand, repair, prime, and then spray a urethane-reinforced enamel, so you get professional-grade quality that withstands even the toughest everyday use.


minimal disruption

Because we are updating your existing cabinetry, refinishing your kitchen cabinets with us is not as risky, pricey or time-consuming as a remodeling or refacing project.  In fact, our exclusive process means you can still use your kitchen every night.  

your design, your way

Refinishing your cabinets is a great way to breathe new life into older cabinets. Mulberry Painting offers refinishing services in any color to match your new design or remodel. Switch out hardware, or we can refinish that, too. It's your kitchen, your choice.


Our Process


At Mulberry Painting we value craftsmanship and long-lasting performance.  We use industry-leading technology and equipment to spray a highly durable, water-based urethane alkyd enamel finish on your cabinetry, giving you a flawless factory finish that withstands every day use.  The water-based enamel that we use is a recent innovation in the surface-coating industry that performs to the highest standards and is safer for your family and the environment than traditional solvent-based finishes.  

The standard timeline for an average kitchen is under two weeks.  You choose the color of your cabinetry and select new hardware if you'd like. When you are ready, we carefully remove and transport your cabinet doors and drawer fronts to our facility to apply the coatings, which allows you to continue using your kitchen throughout the project.  We coat your installed cabinetry cases and frames in place, and re-install your fresh cabinet doors and drawer fronts when fully dry.